Who We Are

Quality Moving Company in Philadelphia

If you’re moving to the Philadelphia area soon, you need to hire the right moving company for the job. Philadelphia is a big city, so there are plenty of companies offering moving services to residents and business owners. However, not all moving services are the same.

Mill Creek Movers has been providing top-notch moving services all over Philadelphia and the surrounding area for several years. Hundreds of individuals have trusted us with their move and were fully satisfied with the services we provided. Here is what sets us apart from the rest of the crowd:

Affordable Moving Services Without Compromising Quality

There are a lot of companies that offer cheap moving services in and around Philadelphia. Unfortunately, many of them are only able to do so by cutting corners when it comes to quality. Here at Mill Creek Movers, we give you affordable moving services without compromising on quality.

This ensures that all of your belongings will make it to your new location safely and that you’ll be fully satisfied with your experience with us, from the beginning to the end.

Experienced and Professional Movers

Many competing moving companies hire random day laborers as moving staff. Many of their workers just want to do the minimum required to get paid and don’t pay too much attention to caring for the items they’re moving. This isn’t the case at Mill Creek Movers.

We have a dedicated team of moving professionals that have been with us for many years. Our movers know how to package and transport all sorts of items and furnishings safely.

Ability to Handle Small and Large Moves

No matter whether you’re moving a small studio apartment or a house with a dozen rooms, Mill Creek Movers is ready to help. Over the years, we’ve handled moves of all sizes all over Philadelphia. Just give us a call to discuss your moving plans, and we’ll be able to come up with a moving solution that meets your needs.

Reliable Moving Services

We understand that you don’t want to be left waiting several hours for your moving truck to arrive. This is why we take pride in offering punctual and reliable moving services. We’ll give you an estimated time at which we’ll come to load your belongings and begin the move. If we’re running late, we’ll be sure to get in touch with you to let you know.

Accurate Quotes and Honest Prices

The cost of your move will depend on various factors, such as where you’re moving from and to and how much it will take to load and unload your items. When you call us to book your move, we’ll give you an accurate moving quote, so that you get a good idea of how much your move will cost.

Mill Creek Movers also strives to be an honest moving company, so we’ll never try to trick you by adding hidden charges to the bill.

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