Moving When Raining

How to Move Your Stuff Safely in the Rain

A Quick Guide to Safely Moving When It’s Raining

If you or someone you know is set to move on a rainy day, some simple, straightforward, and highly effective tips should be adhered to. These tips will coordinate to protect the items that are being moved and the people who’re moving them. Moreover, they’ll help you to kick your new living situation off with a bang and put the right foot forward. Seriously, having your possessions soaked and suffering an injury is sure to make for a less-than-stellar move-in experience!

Let’s take a look at how Cheap Movers Orlando – suggests safely and efficiently moving your possessions during a rainy day!

1. Dress Accordingly

Your safety and the safety of your belongings are interconnected in that what you wear will directly impact both.

Boots, a rain-resistant jacket or poncho, and warm clothing are integral ingredients in the recipe for moving success. It’s easy to slip or catch a cold when these articles of clothing aren’t worn, and when that happens, you can hurt yourself and damage your possessions.

In short, there is an abundance of reasons to dress accordingly for a rainy moving day, and there are virtually no reasons not to do so.

2. Park the Moving Vehicle Close to the Door

When it’s raining, you’d be wise to expose yourself, and your possessions to as little rain as possible, and the best way you can do this is by parking the moving vehicle close to the door. This arrangement will help you to walk less than you would have otherwise, which will save time and reduce the amount of rain that’s encountered.

If you’re receiving help from friends and/or family members, request that they park away from the house—preferably on the street. In this way, you can pull the moving vehicle as close to the front door as possible.

3. Package Items Carefully

Every item that’s loaded into the moving vehicle should be packed. Besides having a greater chance of being broken during the ride, unpacked items will be exposed to water damage from the rain. Be sure to use boxes and bags to pack your items well in advance of moving.

And invest in a large amount of bubble wrap—you’ll be glad that you did!

4. Ask Friends and Family Members to Help

If possible, you should ask friends and family members to help you move. This advice will prove solid even in beautiful weather, but when it’s raining, an added level of urgency and pressure makes having extra assistance incredibly valuable. Furthermore, moving during rainy days is all about speed, and the more pairs of hands you have available, the quicker your items can be moved and brought into your new home.

5. Drive Slowly

Moving during rainy days isn’t solely about carefully loading items into the moving vehicle. On the contrary, it’s also about driving slowly and attentively while delivering these items to their destination. You don’t want to execute a perfect moving gameplan only to come up short in the third or fourth quarter—the drive home. Slick and wet roads are dangerous roads, and you should drive slowly to account for this point and preserve your health and the integrity of your possessions.

6. Hire a Moving Company

Last but certainly not least, you should consider hiring a moving company. Today’s moving companies don’t charge very much for their work, and they can expertly move all or some of your items. Additionally, you can follow the lead of so many other individuals by consulting a moving company to transport your delicate and/or bulky belongings—especially furniture.

They’ll be able to get these and other things through the rain without issue, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to have them do so, given the relatively limited scope of the work at hand.

These tips are sure to help you enjoy a successful and stress-free moving experience during a rainy day. Remember to stay calm, plan ahead, and enjoy your new home!

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Moving Checklist

Moving Out Checklist – 9 Ways to Prepare for Your Move

Everyone wants to move out as soon as possible, especially from their parents’ house. It’s all part of growing up, but even fully functional adults can benefit from a change of scenery every once in a while. Moving can be an excellent adventure for the whole family, whether it’s across the country or down the block. As with anything worth doing, however, it can pose reasons for quite a bit of concern.

There are a few simple tips and tricks to make anyone’s move as smooth and worry-free as possible. The following are 9 ways to prepare for your next big move:

1. Minimize Your Possessions

When one hears the word “minimize” they might envision tiny houses and vagabond drifters without a material possession to their names. Minimizing your items, however, doesn’t require a complete lifestyle change. You can get rid of things that you no longer have space or use for. We all have things we just haven’t let go of for various reasons, whether they be sentimental attachments or hoarding.

You can reorganize your stuff by hosting a yard sale or garage sale, getting rid of all the things you no longer need, like clothes that don’t fit anymore or the television set you upgraded from a while back. Once you start going through your things, you’re sure to find at least a few items you could benefit from losing, and the best part of minimizing is that you’ll actually earn some cash too.

Selling your possessions has also never been easier than in today’s modern age. Getting rid of excess clutter is merely a matter of finding someone interested in it on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

2. Invest in Help

Transporting all of your furniture can be a real pain, if not downright impossible to do on your own. The best advice would be to enlist family and friends for free to help you move all of your things, but if this is not possible, you should invest in movers to ensure that both you and your furniture arrives at the new place all in one piece. You don’t want to strain your back out or break a limb trying to get your couch or bedframe out of the doorway.

Our movers in Philadelphia, PA are specifically trained to handle any moving situation, and if your friend doesn’t have a truck or van suitable for moving larger things, movers will definitely have exactly what you need.

3. Change Your Address

Likely, if you do not visit the post office and request a change of address, whoever moves into your old house will receive a stack of mail with your name on it. You don’t want a stranger getting your paychecks or important notices.

Go to your local post office and ask the clerk to have all your mail forwarded from your old address to your new one. The process shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

4. Host a Housewarming Party

Housewarming parties are more than just an excuse to gather all your friends and have a good time in your new place. Inviting all of your trusted pals over will help start your new abode off on the right foot, breaking it in with all of your loved ones present.

Get to know your new house with the comfort and support of friends by your side.

5. Get To Know The Neighborhood

You want to make sure that you aren’t moving into a crime-riddled area or living around suspicious characters. Take some time to get to know your neighbors upon first moving in. Most of the time, they will welcome you to the neighborhood and want to learn more about their new neighbor as well.

6. Make Sure Your Vehicle is in Good Condition

Nothing is worse than getting halfway to your new place of residence, with all of your stuff cluttered in your car, than breaking down.

Get your oil change and check all aspects of your car’s performance before taking a risk of being stranded in a new place with all of your belongings.

7.Prepare Your Pets

Moving can be stressful for cats and dogs. Try to support your furry little friend during the move. If possible, let them visit your new home and get acquainted with their new quarters.

8. Make Sure This is the Right Move

There are many factors that contribute to the decision to move from one place to another. Evaluate all your options before making the plunge.

Consider all of your financial, social, and physical requirements before deciding on a place.

9. Have Fun

Moving doesn’t have to be a headache. It can often be a fun and learning experience for everyone involved. Try not to worry too much about getting comfortable in your new place at first.

This will take time, and part of what makes you feel better about being in a new area is having a positive experience while you’re there.

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