Millcreek Philly

Women’s rec volley league a team effort

The pilot project this fall was a success and the Smoky River Women’s Volleyball League is a go for a second season to begin Jan. 9 and extend for a full three months.
“It’s been great and there’s quite a bit of interest by other teams,” said Shelley Lauzé, a team captain and co-organizer of the league originally intended to give local teams regular practice before going to recreational tourneys in Fairview, Peace River and Grande Prairie.
In addition to the four teams from the fall and the occasional participation of the two high school girls teams, there are teams from High Prairie and Peace River interested in joining the upcoming season. A group of G.P. Vanier girls also wants to enter a team to play regularly on the Sundays & Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in Heritage’s gym.
“We have fun and get in shape at the same time,” Lauzé said. She encourages those interested in playing to form a team by Jan. 16 the latest and pay the $50 per player fee for rental of the gym, purchase of the volleyballs and pay of the referees. Shelley Lauzé can be contacted at 837-2774.
The league also expects to host a tourney March 8-9, which can bring over a dozen teams to Falher from afar.
“It’s not difficult to get a team. It’s hard to get into a tournament,” said Lauze, whose team has found it difficult to find space in tourneys to play elsewhere.
The local league began on the efforts of Lauzé, Lynn Skrepnek and Diane Blanchette to get women together to practice for tourneys. Blanchette captains an older team of her friends called ‘The Wannabees’.
“They always talk about their age but they’re good,” said Lauzé, whose K K Dalls lost to them a few times.