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McLennan school gets a facelift

École Providence school in McLennan, part of the Holy Family C.R.D. No. 37, has some “big time stuff” happening over the summer according to Bill Wallace, school principal.
The school is having a facelift over the summer including a new horticulture lab that Wallace says will be built within the building with a lot of glass.
“It (the greenhouse) will be for the Career Technology Study program, brand new, we’ll also be upgrading the science lab and placing a computer annex between the science lab and the library,” says Wallace.
According to Wallace, the school will also be getting a brand new CTS cooking lab and renovations done to the front office space including the office manager’s space, the principal’s office and the councilor’s office.
“We’re really pleased the board decided to spend this money on us which is a tremendous amount of money for a small school,” says Wallace who feels with the upgrades that the school will be able to serve the students better.
Ian Becker, corporate secretary for the Holy Family C.R.D. No. 37 says that structurally the school is fine and that it is just lacking a few things.
“The school is well maintained it just needs to be improved a little bit,” says Becker. “Our intention is to have the renovations done over the summer.”
According to Becker the amount of money committed by the board is about $65,000 which will be taken from the operations in maintenance budget from École Providence as well as from from Alberta Learning for building quality and restoration.
On August 15 the school’s newly spruced up gymnasium will host the reception of the new Arch-Bishop who is being consecrated in the Cathedral.
The gym according to Wallace will be getting a slight upgrade and some new curtains as well.
“It’s a really, really big deal,” says Wallace. “The gym was scheduled to be renovated so it’s a real happy coincidence.”
“90 per cent of our staff are returning,” says Wallace. “We’re anxious about the good results that we got on our achievement tests. We have good kids and good staff. They are a hard-working dedicated group of people.”
École Providence teaches grades kindergarten through nine and serves about 110 children.