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M.D. of Big Lakes supports plan to move ski hill access road

A plan to move the Smoky River Ski Hill access road has garnered full support from the M.D. of Big Lakes.
M.D. of Smoky River Couns. Louis Tokarz and Rich Aubin attended Big Lakes meeting June 28 asking for support for the project.
Alberta Infrastructure has told the ski hill they are closing the access road by the bridge for safety reasons and to avoid a serious potential accident. In turn, Infrastructure will pay the entire cost for a new access road at the top of the hill.
However, that means the chalet must be moved from the bottom of the hill, where it now exists, to the top. Infrastructure is also paying for that move.
“I feel you should be informed as to what is happening,” Tokarz said in explaining the situation.
“There is no way the (bridge) access will ever be used again,” he added. “It is too dangerous.”
An accident has not yet occurred at the access but all parties agree it is only a matter of time before a major accident occurs.
“We have to go to the top of the hill,” said Tokarz.
Tokarz asked Big Lakes to support the project because a 700-name petition circulated against the move. Council did so unanimously agreeing safety was the priority.
In fact, Big Lakes councillors couldn’t understand why anyone opposed the move.
“We have no choice,” said Tokarz. “There is no alternative but to move it to the top of the hill.”
Tokarz and Aubin attended the M.D. of Greenview meeting in Valleyview later in the day. Their council also agreed to continue working with the M.D. of Smoky River on ski hill improvements.